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No repair of road near Belmont landslide before 2015

The road was damaged by a large landslide in September 2013. (Photo: CWSA)

The section of the road damaged by the large landside in Belmont last September will not be repairs before next year, Minister of Transport and Work Sen. Julian Francis have told bus drivers.

“The solution to the landslide is not going to be immediate,” he told a meeting of the National Omnibuses Association this week.

Francis said that the government has recently entered into a contract with a private engineer surveyor to do the study and the design for the retaining wall where the landslide occurred.

“That was done three weeks ago, and his contract is to deliver in four months, which ends in September.

“I doubt we will see anything there before early next year,” Francis said.

Landslide disrupts water supply to 11 communities, triggers re-routing of traffic

Minibus drivers complained that the alternative route, the Wymm Road, does not have streetlights and can expose them to crime and accidents.

Francis further noted that in addition to the absence of streetlights, the surface of the road “is not the best”.

“It is terrible. I agree with you. I drive up there, I drive a fairly comfortable vehicle, but I feel it. And I say to myself when I drive there, it is difficult for the minibuses to run on this everyday. It is a pressure,” he said.

He said his ministry wants to repair from Crick Corner to George Bridge as the next phase, but has been told by officials in the ministry that that area cannot be addressed before Belmont.

“Because it will be triple trouble for them,” the minister said.

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One thought on “No repair of road near Belmont landslide before 2015

  1. Khales says:

    NO MONEY in the government kitty- NO REPAIRS to Belmont roads! Whey all the money gone cousin Francis?

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