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Gov’t moves ahead with plan to build hotel

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves delivering the Budget Address. (iWN photo)

The Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines is moving forward with its plan to build a hotel in St. Vincent.

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves told Parliament this month that the government has taken “an initial step to elaborate a plan to build a 250-room hotel in St. Vincent, through the instrumentality of at least two State agencies, and to engage a company with a global brand to market and manage it.”

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In his Budget Address, Gonsalves said that on Jan. 18, Cabinet set up a Committee under the chairmanship of the Minister of Economic Planning, Camillo Gonsalves, to proceed with this venture.

“Recently, on my travels overseas, I held fruitful discussions with an international hotel group on this very matter in London,” Gonsalves said, but did not elaborate.

He said his government is again appealing to the Vincentian private sector to join with it to facilitate the expansion of the number of hotel rooms available in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

“This is vital in light of the impending operation of the AIA (Argyle International Airport),” which began operating on Tuesday.

“I am pleased that at a recent budget consultation with the business community, three potential investors locally expressed a strong interest in partnering with the government to invest in hotels,” Gonsalves said.

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4 thoughts on “Gov’t moves ahead with plan to build hotel

  1. Veridical says:

    c.ben-David ,

    You really are a piece of work . It apparently has escaped your sensibilities , that it would be
    the height of Stupidity for sensible persons or Hoteliers to build Hotels on the mainland , when the mainland does not have an International Airport . Now this is a fact , certainly not fiction .

    I have stated this before , in this very Newspaper , yet you persist in you fantasy . BTW , I
    miss reading your columns about the Airport ; I really thought that you were going for 50 ;
    please do not stop now you are very near to 50 .

    I have never ever heard of most Hoteliers showing a keen Interest in building Hotels in a Country that does not have an International Airport . You have blithely ignored the fact that for
    many years , on the mainland successive Governments , bluntly refused to bestir themselves
    regarding building an International Airport on the mainland . Now this is apart from the fact that
    the NDP was in Office for 17 years , the ULP was also guilty of also ignoring building an International Airport on the mainland . In 1966 that was in the Manifesto of the Labour Party .

    It was only when the ULP led by Dr. Gonsalves won the General Elections in 2001 , did Politicians in SVG finally realized that having an International Airport was a necessity not a Luxury ; because apart from bringing Tourists to SVG , Local Goods could be transported to various parts of the outside World . Obviously Exporting SVG Goods & bringing Tourists to
    SVG is a Win – Win deal , this aint Rocket Science .

    It would readily agree that Kingstown is a Mess , for that WE can blame the Monstrosity of
    the Market , a dark ; gloomy ponderous building , with Elevators that cannot work . Worse yet
    many of the persons who own stalls have taken their goods outside to sell , because many of
    their Customers refuse to climb the stairs .

    Kingstown is in fact an Asphalt Jungle , there is no Green Spaces , where persons can sit down on benches or Chairs , and watch the world go by for sometime . My take is that it would indeed be a Tragedy , if in the New City at Arnos Vale there are no Green Areas & or Plazas for the General Public to pause for a while . Having Fountains would also be helpful in enhancing the Areas .

    • C. ben-David says:

      You keep repeating this mantra even though I have time and again shown that many hotels and other tourist accommodation have been built all around the tropical world, including the Caribbean and our very own Grenadines, in the absence of an international airport. When I gave these many examples, why didn’t you every challenge me then?

      Either you can’t read or understand what you have read or been brainwashed by the false assertions of the ULP that incorrectly asserts that building an international airport automatically brings more overseas airlines full of passengers and that this automatically brings the building of hotels.

      The evidence from around the world shows that it is growing tourist demand in the absence of an international airport that creates both more hotel construction and more airline visits. In places where it is feasible to build an international airport, the growth in visitors and flights will generally lead to the expansion of an existing regional airport or the building of a new international one.

      But you are too pig headed, narrow minded, or just plain doltish to believe this, so go on repeating the same nonsensical crap over and over again like some retarded invalid.

  2. C. ben-David says:

    A cry of desperation, if there ever was one, proving how little interest international hoteliers are in investing their own money here.

    Ask yourself which governments, except the most isolationist and socialist ones, would do this in 2017? Even Cuba is promoting public-private and soley private enterprises.

    When Michael Manley socialized the hotel industry in Jamaica many years ago, the industry collapsed and his government was thrown out of office.

    If nobody wants to build hotels here, the government should ask why (hint: the mainland had no mass tourism potential), and then move on to encourage more credible industries.

  3. svgpatriot says:

    ….God help us all!

    “build it and they will come” or is it “build it and build it and they will come”

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