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Two constables are police officers of the year

Policeman of the Year – PC 198 Chislon Scott.

Police Constables 198 Chislon Scott and 130 Carolyn May have been awarded the coveted titles of Policeman and Policewoman of the year, respectively.

The awards were given by the Royal St.Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force in conjunction with the Police Welfare Association.

Scott said at the recent police awards ceremony that he was grateful for being recognised for the service he renders on behalf of the Police Force.

He said he was sitting in the audience when he heard his name being called for the prestigious award. “I was quite surprised!” said Scott, who was enlisted on Sept. 22, 2011.

Already, he is challenging himself to work harder than he did in 2016. “I feel I have to do much better than last year. I am looking forward to taking the standard to a new level,” Scott said.

May was unable to attend the ceremony held at Russell’s Auditorium due to unforeseen circumstances.

Coastguard Officer of the Year -Leading Seaman Marlon Simon.

Leading Seaman Marlon Simon also came in for high praises when he was awarded the coveted title of Coast Guard Officer of the Year.

He said he was surprised when he received the award. He stated that he works hard consistently.

“My advice is that you should always try to provide a service more than what you are paid for,” Simon said. He said he is using the opportunity to thank his mother, Gillian Simon, and Petit Officers Durrant and Francis.

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