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The iWitness News website continues to grow, reaching readers in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the Caribbean and the wider diaspora, offering opportunities to gain maximum exposure for products and services.

Our readership is growing fast as more and more people are seeking balanced, professional, up-to-the-minute reporting on a free interactive news website.

iWitness News offers a wide choice of advertising options, ranging from a 1080×240 pixel “Super Leaderboard” to a 160×160 pixel “Standard Square”. (See advertising information graphic below)

If you are interested in advertising with us, send us an email through the “Contact us” link at the very top of this page, or to [email protected]. We can also be reached via telephone at 1-784-494-4252/1-784-532-4252.

We can also link your advertisement to a website or Internet platform of your choice, thus offering you a chance to expand public interest in your products/services.