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Lawyer Grahame Bollers. (Photo: Kamaro John)

ST.VINCENT:- A lawyer for the ruling Unity Labour Party (ULP) has written to the Supervisor of Election and the Commissioner of Police on the heel of statements by members of the main opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) and their lawyers to prevent person suspected of registering illegally from voting on election day, Monday, Dec. 13.

Grahame Bollers in his letter of Saturday, Dec. 11, told the top cop and the elections chief that the statement by the NDP and their lawyers “are in substance threats”.

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Bollers, writing on behalf of all the candidates for the ULP, said “Our clients view these statements as highly provocative and calculated to cause disorder at the polling stations on Election Day.

“The legal position as declared in Section 2l (1) and (2) of the Representation of the People Act and Section 27 (2) of the Constitution is transparently clear that a registered voter cannot be restrained from voting on Election Day.

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“In the circumstances, we trust that all steps will be taken and measures put in place to ensure that there is no interference with a person’s constitutional right to vote on Election Day,” Bollers said in the letters.

Vincentians vote on Monday in General Elections that political observers say are a close race between the ULP, led by lawyer Dr Ralph Gonsalves and economist Arnhim Eustace and his NDP.

Ivan O’Neal and his Green Party have been dismissed as non-starters.