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ewarth ells king
Dental technician Ewarth ‘Ells’ King was murdered at his Pembroke home on Dec. 4 (Photo via

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent – Police have not closed their investigation into the Dec. 4 death of dental technician Ewart “Ells” King although they believe he was murdered by escaped prisoner Godwin Moses, who they shot and killed on Sunday.

Prime Minister and Minister of Legal Affairs Dr. Ralph Gonsalves told Parliament on Tuesday that police “reasonably believe” that Moses was involved in the killing “from the standpoint that the firearm which was owned by Ells was retrieved from the van in which he (Moses) was travelling” moments before police shot and killed him.

“The police, naturally, are carrying out further investigations, because, you don’t close an investigation on one piece of evidence,” said Gonsalves, who is also Minister of National Security.

“I want to commend the police on their work thus far. I am not making any comments beyond commending them on the gathering of intelligence and the way in which they are pursuing this matter,” he said.

“So I am keep my comments within that narrow compass, because there would be, naturally, a coroner’s inquest in the death of both Ells and also the deceased prisoner. And the evidence will be presented clearly to the jury. If there’s anybody else involved in the killing of Ells, obviously the matter would not just be a coroner’s inquest, there would be another judicial proceeding” Gonsalves said.

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“So there is much information still for us to know publicly but this was a dastardly crime, the murder of an innocent man in his home,” he further stated.

King, the holder of a licenced .38 revolver, was stabbed to death by an intruder into his Pembroke home.

When police shot and killed Moses, they ended a three-week manhunt for the accused murderer, who escaped from her Majesty’s Prison in Kingstown on Nov. 21 when 37 prion wardens were on duty.

godwin moses
Escaped prisoner and accused murderer Godwin Moses was shot an killed by police on Sunday (Police photo).

Gonsalves has ordered an investigation into the escape.

Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace, in expressing condolences on King’s death, said his “life as cut short by someone who has now been dealt with by the police”.

While police on Monday said that Moses “approached” his waist with his hand and fled from the van into nearby bushes moments before they shot an killed him around 1 p.m. Sunday, Searchlight newspaper on Tuesday reported that police did not search the vehicle.

The driver of the van, who asked the newspaper for anonymity, discovered the gun.

According to the publication, the driver transported other passengers to Kingstown and reached as far as Arnos Vale, then back to Barrouallie.

“…After I done empty, I stop and was talking to somebody, when I see one guy trying to make a dip (take something out of the van through the window) in the van, same time I am going to move off.

“I drive away, then stop the van; when I go around, the gun dey right dey…” the driver told Searchlight.

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