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MISSING: Emilius Joslyn (Internet photo).

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent – Efforts are underway to try to locate an elderly resident of Cane Garden who has not been seen since Monday, Boxing Day.

I-Witness News has been unsuccessful in its attempts so far to contact the relatives of Emilius Joslyn, said to be in his 70s.

However, information from Internet sources and electronic media in St. Vincent say that Joslyn went missing from his Cane Garden home and efforts are underway to try to locate him.

Joslyn, also known as “Servant of the Lord”, was a regular caller to radio programmes here, especially on Nice Radio.

Speaking on the development on Friday, Douglas De Freitas, manager of Nice Radio, described Joslyn as “a friend” of the station.

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“This has been a very disturbing thing for us here at Nice Radio. We have been trying to wait and see whether or not he would be found,” he said on his morning programme.

De Freitas said there were conflicting reports, including one that says two guys made repeated attempts to jump Joslyn’s fence; but he chased them away.

“Then we heard that he was walking about in a little daze. We don’t know what is happening,” De Freitas said.

He described Joslyn as “a bold man for the Lord” who was “not afraid when ridiculed, when criticised by calling a call-in programme and not staying with the [topic of] the calling programme but presenting Jesus Christ …

“It is sad to know that he is missing and nobody seems to know where he is; whether he is alive or dead, De Freitas further said.

He added that constituency representative and opposition Leader, Arnhim Eustace has been in constant communication with the Joslyn’s family as they try to locate the missing man.

Persons with information about the missing man can contact their nearest police station or call 911, 311, 457-1211 or 458-1234.

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