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KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent – A 23-year-old man who allegedly was thrown into boiling water with his hands bound last month has died.

Well placed sources tell I-Witness News that Junior Lowman died at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH) early New Year’s Day.

He was reportedly thrown into a “copper” of boiling water with his hands tied, according to Internet reports.

“Copper” refers to the large metal containers used to bake the local staple farine, made of cassava.

Lowman was in intensive care at the MCMH after the incident, which reportedly took place in the Rabacca mountains on Dec. 23.

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“Every time I see my son I cannot eat, I cannot sleep. How could they treat people children like this? Oh my God! How did they feel when he screamed? How did they feel. They pushed him into the copper with his hands tied. I can’t understand these things. How could living, breathing people do these things?” Lowman’s mother, Ingrid Bristol of Georgetown is said to have told The News newspaper, according to Internet reports.

Information reaching I-Witness News suggests that Lowman might have been thrown into the water after he saw some men killing a sheep while he went into the mountains to dig yams.

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