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KINGSTOWN St. Vincent – While the road that led to the suspension of SOL’s delivery of petrol to the service station in Chateaubelair was resurfaced on Thursday, there has since been no word on when the company will resume delivery to the North Leeward town.

Christiana Thompson, the operator of the service station in Chateaubelair, is suing SOL for, among other things, “damages for [SOL’s] decision to cut off the supply of fuel to [her service station] thus killing off her business”.

Thompson is also claiming “compensation for the 5,736 gallons of gasoline which [SOL] never delivered” and “damages for [SOL’s] continued pattern [of] refusal to correct what it knew was an inaccurate system of measurement,” according to the claim filed last Monday.

Steve Francis, manager of SOL said the company suspended delivery of fuel to the service station because of the state of a section of the road in Charles Village, which the company’s engineer ranked two places from the most hazardous on its scale.

The Bridges, Road, and General Services Authority on Thursday resurfaced the road and I-Witness News asked Francis if he was in a position to say when fuel supply to Chateaubelair would recommence and whether SOL would need to independently inspect the road before such deliveries could recommence.

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However, Francis on Friday told I-Witness News that since the matter was before the court SOL would not comment on it.

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