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kenisha belgraves
Kenisha Belgraves, one of the two women injured in the attack in Brighton (Internet photo)

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent – Two children on Saturday night watched as a man repeated stabbed their mother, reportedly 18 times, in Brighton.

According to reports, Kenisha Belgraves’ children were in the back seat of a car she was driving while her friend Claudine Simmons was seated in the front passenger seat when the attack occured.

Both Belgraves and Simmons were injured during the attack and were up to last night in stable condition at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH), this country’s main healthcare facility.

The attack is said to have been carried out by a man with whom Belgraves had a relationship and may have been as a result of a domestic dispute.

The attack Sunday night continues a trend from 2011, when several Vincentians women were either killed or seriously injured by male attackers.

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Two months ago, Givvon Bynoe, 23, of Paget Farm, Bequia survived a cutlass attack by a man with whom she had a relationship.

Bynoe was hospitalised at the MCMH for 11 days as a result of the multiple chops she received across her body, including to her neck and face.

She suffered a fractured left collarbone, has problems moving her head and neck, and severed nerves in her face, which need surgery to repair. She also has speech impairment as a result of the injuries she sustained.

On Jan. 4, Alvisha Browne, a 19-year-old mother of three, died on the spot in Ottley Hall after receiving a bullet to the head.

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