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Commissioner of Police Keith Miller (File photo).

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent – Having blacklisted the heavy drinkers, Commissioner of Police Keith Miller is seeking to pick out even more bad apples from within the Police Force.

Miller said on Sunday that he would be holding public consultations to identify cops who give a negative impression of the constabulary because of their attitude to the public.

“There are policemen who still have this inherent bad behaviour: when persons call the station and make reports, they are still informing them that we not have transport and we do not have manpower. I think that is very irresponsible of these policemen. … I think that is our major challenge now to get policemen and women to come around and to be more respectful and more loyal,” Miller said in Chateaubelair at the fourth anniversary concert for the Pan Against Crime Programme.

He said that the public should inform him about officers “who are not toeing the line”.

“Whenever you see … they are not dong that, you call me,” the top cop said, adding that consultations will be held soon with the public.

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“Because I want to be in the best position to hear from you about the support you are getting from the policemen in the respective divisions. We want to see and hear from you in respect of the level of respect you are getting from them. So, very shortly, you will be seeing us coming.”

Miller said he does not want the consultation to be held at the police stations but could try for the learning resource centres.

Miller said in January that he had banned the sale of alcohol to some cops and ordered that less liquor be sold at the police canteen.

The measure was taken because of complaints from the wives and girlfriends of some police officers and after investigations about the cause of increased money spent at the canteen.

Miller then instructed that more food be told at the canteen.

Further, he said some citizens had complained about smelling alcohol on the breath of some officers while performing their duty.

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