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KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent – The owners of the building where this country’ U.N. Mission is located in New York was up to Thursday evening yet to provide the footage of the March 28 arrest of U.N. Ambassador Camillo Gonsalves.

“No, we do not yet have footage of the incident. The SVG Mission has formally requested the footage, as has the Commonwealth Secretariat, from whom we rent office space. However, the building owners have yet to provide the requested footage,” Ambassador Gonsalves told I-Witness News in an email.

Vincentians will see exactly what transpired between the ambassador and the cop who arrested him at his office building, if the government secures the surveillance tapes.

The tape, according to the Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, would show “what transpired when the New York police officer arrested, handcuffed, assaulted, detained Ambassador Gonsalves.

“And that should make interesting viewing,” he further said.

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“I am hoping that that tape would be available shortly so we can put it in living colour on television or on YouTube and let people see what is happening. We are a small country, the truth is what would justify us and set us free,” said Gonsalves, whose government is using diplomatic and legal means to seek redress for the arrest of the diplomat.

He said Ambassador Gonsalves was told last week that the videotape would be made available to him but has since been informed that it is in the possession of the lawyers for the building.

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