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By Wade Kojo Williams, Sr.

Note: The views expressed herein are solely those of the writer Mr. Wade Kojo Williams, Sr.

Seriously, what the heck is going on in SVG? Citizens now prefer to settle scores with knives and guns; opposition parliamentarians show wanton disregard for the Speaker and Standing Orders of Parliament; so-called activists publicly (on international radio) show contempt for the court system; public servants mouth off the Prime Minister and Public Service Commission; partisan workers undermine the policies of the government, even to the detriment of the banana industry and by extension, the national economy; untrained so-called radio talk show hosts believe they have the right to say what they want, when they want; for selfish partisan gains, elected opposition politicians have murder patriotism.

I can go on and on. But the latest arrogant, disrespectful, rude, unladylike, (political) terrorist behaviour of former Senator Anesia Baptiste must surely have Vincentians — at home and in the diaspora — wondering what is going on in our blessed country.

Those who follow my writings — on Facebook and elsewhere — know I am a fierce critic of Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace and the New Democratic Party. Equally, they must be aware that I am a supporter of Prime Minister Gonsalves and his ULP government. However, the teachings of my (departed) beloved mother and father — Luenda and Daniel Williams of Calliaqua — have always guided me to be honest and fair in my writings and daily life.

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In his 11 plus years as Opposition Leader, Eustace has never given me reason, even once, to write a piece, supporting his performance as Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition. Monday after Monday, Eustace sat next to Elwardo “E.G.” Lynch while E.G. “cuss out” everyone in the worst way; he opposed ever developmental policy and programme offered by the government of Gonsalves; he tried to make SCL the owners of SVG; he led demonstrations inside and outside Parliament; he showed that he could not be held in confidence on important national matters; he embraced every out-of-control public servant and political activist in our land. Straight Up: Eustace has been an abysmal failure as a politician and as opposition leader in SVG.

However, I have to be fair to King Dotish. His revocation of Cult Queen’s appointment deserves the support of every fair-thinking Vincentian. After reading the rude letter that appointed Senator Baptiste wrote to her leader, I am of the opinion that Baptiste’s firing came 48 hours late. And if we can believe Cult Queen — I don’t — she heard of the revocation of her position on the radio like everyone else. As angry as Eustace and his advisors may have been, there should have been communication with the rude gyul before the announcement was made on radio,

Eustace has only himself to blame. He created a Trojan Horse which kicked him is the derriere.

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