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“Fly Me To The Moon,” a section from SVG Players International’s “Come Fly Wid We”.

TAIPEI, Taiwan – After losing two consecutive years to Blondie Bird and Friends, the SVG Players International mas band in St. Vincent is hoping to fly to the top this year with its 12-section presentation “Come Fly Wid We.”

“We have lost twice to Blondie Bird and I am not comfortable with the position so I am doing my utmost this year to get us sorted out and back where we belong on top,” Lance Neverson, who was in Taiwan to attend the inauguration of President Ma Ying-jeou, told I-Witness News.

“We are actually exploring the phenomenon of flight this year. With flight, you defy the laws of gravity and you are free to go,” he said.

“A lot of people don’t pay attention to it so we are actually presenting “Come Fly Wid We”. And it is not just about aircrafts and stuff. It is about general things that fly: flag, your colours, and things like that,” he further said.

Neverson especially like “Circle of Life,” a female section where the masquerader’s completes the body of a butterfly, which has large wings with a caterpillar on left hand side of the costume

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“… The young people, the girls especially, like “Fly me to the moon,” he said of another all-female section depicted in the promotion brochure as a scantily-clad, slender lass.

The headpiece of the costume includes a spiralling rocket and several stars.

“But I think all the costumes are beautiful, a job well done by Julian “Pilling” Pollard again and we are looking forward t greater things this year,” Neverson said.

The other sections in the presentation are: “Wind Beneath My Wings”, “Fire Flies”, “Fly Your Kite”, “Flight of the Owl”, “Scarlet Ibis”, “Like a Flamingo”, “Turtle Doves”, “Flight of the Vampire Bat”, “Golden Eagle”, and “Fly Your National Colours”.

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