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LIAT to offer more flights for Vincy Mas

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent — Regional airline LIAT has committed to offering more flights to and from this country for Vincy 2012, according Denis Ambrose, chair of the Carnival Development Corporation.

“Getting here to St. Vincent continues to be a challenge and of course, LIAT — our Caribbean airline — has addressed this concern and I am informed that from June 25th onwards, LIAT has given the commitment of increased flights into St. Vincent. I wish everyone a safe flight, safe travel,” Ambrose told a media briefing Tuesday.

Ambrose urges support for calypso

Meanwhile, Ambrose on Tuesday thanked radio stations for airtime given to elements of Vincy mas, especially calypso

“We appreciate all those radio stations which are dedicated to give specific airtime to aspects of carnival, particularly calypso, our own art form, which continues to struggle for sustainability and greater acceptership within the general public,” Ambrose said at the press briefing.

“The tents are up and running and we ask the public to support these events and certainly be there during the semi-finals on [June] 22 and the big night, Demarche Gras Sunday, 8th July, at Victoria Park,” he further said.

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