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KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent, Feb. 15, IWN – “Eternal” and “accomplished failures” are the tail that is wagging the New Democratic Party (NDP) dog, Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves said on Tuesday.

He levelled the charge as he accused Opposition Leader and NDP president, Arnhim Eustace, of abandoning his “responsible position” on the Financial Services Authority’s (FSA) take-over of the management and control of the beleaguered Building & Loan Association (BLA).

“… he’s interested in not resolving this problem but he is playing politics,” Gonsalves said of Eustace.

“He started first by being responsible. Then, when he got a little heat from some of his rabble — because you have some accomplished failures who sit down in cold and warm countries in front of their computers. In fact, eternal failures; not just accomplished, eternal failures, who have nothing else to do but to try to create mischief,” he said at a press conference.

“And they are the tail that is wagging the NDP dog. And you call yourself a leader?” he further said

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Gonsalves said Eustace’s position, as stated at a press conference on Monday, “was in marked contrast to the responsible position, … his first position — do not take out your money. Now, [he is saying] take out your money if you want. You notice the shift in tone — marked shift in tone,” Gonsalves said.

“Now, I am not going to allow that kind of irresponsibility to go [unchecked],” he further said.

Gonsalves further said that people misinterpreted him when they said he was on the defensive after Eustace announced on Monday that EC$1 million was withdrawn from Gonsalves’ mother’s account at the BLA last year.

At the time of the transaction on Oct. 1, the Ministry of Finance, which Gonsalves heads, was supervising the BLA.

I-Witness News also said Gonsalves was on the defensive.

“…people misinterpret because they may have a different view in their mind. I understand some say that because he made a dastardly disclosure in relation to my mother that I was on the defensive in replying. I was not on the defensive. I state what the facts are. I don’t have anything to hide; nothing to be ashamed of…” the Prime Minister said.