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Commissioner of Police, Keith Miller.
Commissioner of Police, Keith Miller.

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent, Feb. 18, IWN – Police are making “every effort” to return to St. Vincent a colleague who fled the country in the midst of an investigation into alleged sexual relations with his 8-year-old daughter.

“We are carrying out some investigations into the involvement of a policeman with his 8-year-old child,” Commissioner of Police, Keith Miller confirmed to I-Witness News on Sunday.

“When we make more progress, when we have more information, I will call the media and brief them, accordingly” he further said in Layou, where the police launched two youth clubs.

“I can tell you, based on our investigation so far, he has fled the state and it is something we were hoping not to happen.

“But you know, sometimes, people have a way when they are investigating matters, they want to keep things under their belt, so to speak.

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“Based on what the investigators said, they wanted to do the groundwork first, but it seems that word got out … and the policeman got word of that and he [fled],” Miller further told I-Witness News.

“But I can let you know, every effort is being made to get him back to St. Vincent,” the police chief further said.

Searchlight newspaper reported on Friday that the cop, a corporal attached to the Special Services Unit, is suspected of raping his 8-year-old daughter and infecting her with gonorrhea, a sexually transmitted infection.

The newspaper said questions were being asked as to how the police officer was able to leave the country without the written permission of the Commissioner of Police, a requisite for officers below the rank of sergeant.