General Secretary of the Unity Labour Party, Sen. Julian Francis.
General Secretary of the Unity Labour Party, Sen. Julian Francis.

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent, Mar 15, IWN – The general secretary of the ruling Unity Labour Party (ULP) has noted that popular support for the party has consistently dwindled since 1998.

The ULP won the popular vote in 1998, when it lost the election by one seat, and maintained the popular vote in 2001, when it first came to office, and when it was re-elected in 2005, and 2010.

But, Sen. Julian Francis noted on his weekly radio programme that the party, which won the 2010 election by a one-seat majority, got just 1,500 more popular votes than the main opposition New Democratic Party.

He called on ULP area representatives and caretakers to pay closer attention to their constituents.

“Major policies and projects make the government look good. The popular vote comes from those personal contacts, what you do for people when they have their individual crises and you are able to come in an allay some of them, alleviate some of them, reduce some of the pressures.

“I am urging you, those of us in the leadership of the party, those of us in the executive of the various constituencies, we have a lot of work to do. We have started doing it. I am not going to say on radio what we are doing. But we’ve started doing it,” Francis said on Tuesday.

“Those of us who are involved know and I am going to be very mum as to what we are doing. But what I am going to be very loud on is to do it and get it done. We will talk more off-air on this, than we do on-air,” he further said.


  1. For Francis to admit something like this must mean things are very bad indeed. And on a side note, Kenton you need to make it easier for people to find older post and articles on this site. Without proper navigation links to “older” articles, you are going to have less people commenting here, as a consequence of not being able to follow up on prior comments they made. People will lose interest if this is not corrected.

  2. Well this is some rather refreshing and candid comments on your own shortcomings….mm, maybe somebody needs to take a page from Julian playbook here…let me clear my throat, maybe the NDP needs to acknowledge their own shortcomings and address them head on…like EUSTACE PUTTING A BULWOOD ON MITCHELL…And addressing some glaring weakness during the last election…maybe I missed it…but I can’t recall any public mea culpas from anyone in the NDP upper echelons taking responsibility or even giving a cogent discourse for the defeat in the last election. All I heard was allegations of cheating and who throw away ballot boxes…no accountability from Eustace and his missteps as a leader or any explanations from the losing candidates as to what mistakes they made and what they are planning to do different and better in the future. Nope nada, just a continuation of the belly-aching and political tripe of just put us in government and everything will be OK in Vincyland. We have the magic wan to improve the economy overnight, everyone will get a job and a house…and all the medical care you need…just vote for the NDP…AND BY THE WAY DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO THE CRANKY OLD MAN IN BEQUIA…EVEN THOUGH SOME WE SUPPORT WHAT HE SAYING…JUST IGNORE HIM AND VOTE FOR THE NDP.

    I would love to see the NDP take power tomorrow…but I am not a sycophant and you can’t be urinating on me and tell me its raining. And that’s precisely what the NDP is doing to its supporters; there is clearly a 1000 pound gorilla sitting in the midst of the NDP…but everyone is just talking, pretending the gorilla is not there…the NDP NEEDS TO HAVE AN EMERGENCY MEETING TO ADDRESS THE LEADERSHIP ISSUE OF THE PARTY…GIVE EUSTACE A VOTE OF CONFIDENCE OR REMOVE HIM AND LET THE PARTY GO FORWARD WITH A SENSE OF UNITY AND CONFIDENCE INTO THE NEXT ELECTION.

  3. The ULP is the only political party in SVG’s history of elections that got less votes in the 2nd term. I voted for the ULP in 2001 and my first worry was when Julian Francis, with a cloudy history in banking, was made a minister in a ministry that i consider the most corruptable in any gov’t across the globe. I told myself that Gonsalves in charge so he can’t try anything and get away, boy-o-boy, that was the biggest ‘puff of smoke ‘ belief that i keeped watching as it disappeared before my eyes. Gonsalves hit us even harder in a public address in 2010 for the ULP swearing in at Layou when he told the nation that “Julian Francis will assist the gov’t because Julian has more resources than the gov’t”, i couldn’t believe what i was hearing. …..“I am urging you, those of us in the leadership of the party, those of us in the executive of the various constituencies, we have a lot of work to do. We have started doing it. I am not going to say on radio what we are doing. But we’ve started doing it,”….. Take note that all this ‘work’ is not for the nation or the people but for the party to stay in ‘power’, the people come second or even second to last because Julian indicated that the people of SVG can’t look forward to new jobs, just keep what you have.

  4. @Ks784, if you are addressing me…yes I READ THE ENTIRE POST. I am quite aware that said post IS NOT ABOUT THE NDP…I am simply piggybacking on what Julian is saying to make a point ABOUT THE NDP AND ITS LEADERSHIP ISSUE.

    I take it that you disagree with my position? look some credit must be given to Julian for recognizing the obvious and to deliver such a public rebuke to his own party. Do we agree on that point?

    I think there was no serious period of reflection and soul searching on the part of the NDP as to what went wrong in the last election. All you got was blame this and that but no PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. And so there is this festering of uneasiness and frustration as to the direction of the party. This allows the likes of Mitchell, with his conniving and deceitful self, coming on the airwaves, talking all manner of nonsense and no one is coming to the defense of Eustace in the way of lambasting Mitchell. The most you hear from the NDP is tepid utterances that Eustace is we leader blah blah but no one is saying to Mitchell that he should shut his old arse up and go away. Lets keep it real, the GRAND BEACH ACCORD WAS THE BIGGEST PIECE OF WUSSIFICATION BY A POLITICAL LEADER SINCE THEY FOUND SADDAM HIDING IN A HOLE. Why is no one in the NDP acknowledging that, IT WAS A MISTAKE TO HAVE HAD MITCHELL ON THE ROSTRUM OR ANYWHERE NEAR THE CAMPAIGN DURING THE LAST ELECTION…James Mitchell is ONE OF THE MAIN REASONS WHY THE NDP IS STILL IN THE POLITICAL WILDERNESS…

    I came to the conclusion after the last election, that Eustace should step down…and maybe I was angry at the outcome of the election…but I have come around to the notion that, there is really no one at the moment in the NDP that IS PRIME MINISTER MATERIAL OUTSIDE OF EUSTACE…and so Eustace will have to suffice until someone of gravitas and experience comes around to lead the party. My main concern at the moment, is the lack of introspection of the NDP and the unwillingness to treat JAMES JUDAS MITCHELL like the punk he is…Eustace is on a brief hiatus in the US, no doubt serenading the NDP faithfuls about the ineptitude of the Gonsalves Administration and of course raising hopes for the imminent return of the NDP to power…but my hope for Eustace is for him to embrace his inner O-Ren Ishii:
    [As your leader, I encourage you from time to time, and always in a respectful manner, to question my logic. If you’re unconvinced that a particular plan of action I’ve decided is the wisest, tell me so, but allow me to convince you and I promise you right here and now, no subject will ever be taboo. Except, of course, the subject that was just under discussion. The price you pay for bringing up MY LOSING OF THREE ELECTIONS as a negative is… I collect your f’king head. Just like this f’ker here. Now, if any of you sons of snitches got anything else to say, now’s the f’king time!]

    I didn’t think so.

    Gentlemen, this meeting is adjourned.

  5. Lets just thank God that Francis the unelected unelectable is not currently eligible to be prime minister.

    I trust him about as much as I trust Gonsalves.

    There are lots of questions that we need answering by him at some time in the near future.

  6. KS784, you are the one who isn’t reading. I agree with Teacherfang. All Teacherfang is saying is that NDP should take a page out of the Julian Francis and the ULP playbook by owning up to their short comings, rather than pretending that everything is “Honkydory.” There is no eveidence in the comment that showed the writer assumed that the party is the NDP.

  7. ERIC WILLIAMS, are you starting that racist thing again, there is no
    such word as ‘honkydory’ its ‘hunky-dory’.

    You must stop using jabbawocky.

  8. @D E Williams…appreciate your comments… I responded to Ks784 but the ADMIN ON THIS SITE TAKES SO LONG TO MODERATE A POST…that you cannot develop any meaningful discussion or debate with fellow commentators…by the time your post is moderated…the topic at hand has become “obsolete” by social networks standard. I do not understand why Mr Chance is allowing is site to suffer in this manner…here is my advice, Mr Chance…ALLOW ALL POSTS TO BE POSTED IMMEDIATELY AND THEN YOU CAN ALWAYS REMOVE ANY POST AFTER, IF IT SO OFFENDS THE PURITANS IN OUR MIDST OR YOUR SITE POLICIES. By the way, why not just put a DISCLAIMER like:you are fully responsible for the content you post. Content that includes profanity, personal attacks or antisocial behavior (such as “spamming” or “trolling”), or other inappropriate content or material will be removed. We reserve the right to block any user who violates our terms of use, including removing all content posted by that user.


  10. Don’t go for the “Oh..kee Doke”
    I sure did listen to every word. Eustace does not impress me as a convincing Speaker and a Prime Minister. He may have the information but his delivery is a “Wide” and therefore a “NO BALL” The opposing side wins all the time.

  11. RUDY LITTLE, you may seem a Little Rude, but you are quite right, Eustace is just not cut out as an orator. What he is, is something very different to Gonsalves. You cannot compare the two people, Eustace has other qualities that GONSALVES lacks.

    Also unlike Gonsalves, there is no continual flow of nasty accusations of bad behaviour social or sexual against women.

    Eustace comes from a decent family with a good pedigree, that is respected in Vincentian society. Who have been recorded in social situations as being of great help to society in general.

    The Honourable Mr Eustace has never been accused of rape or other sexual crimes, he has never been accused and proven to tell lies, he doesn’t creep around his garden at 4 am in the mornings, he has never been accused of taking a bribe, he doesn’t make indecent gestures or utter obscenities to citizens. He has never been known to cause a ruction, he has never been a member of any communist party or made it known at any time that he is Marxist or Marxist-Leninist. He has never been involved in riotous behaviour, he has never been involved in a communist led revolution in another country. He has not aligned himself with countries such as North Korea, Iran, current Syria and other rogue scum states. He has never sold his soul or the soul of the people in giving our UN vote for airport money, to states that murder their people and in particular Christians. He has never claimed to work Obeah. He hasn’t adopted the politics of Cuba and Venezuela as his own. He doesn’t interfere in the politics of other island states.

    I have seen ULP paid activists write here that Eustace could not run a mauby shop, well it is now proven that Gonsalves cannot run the state of SVG, although for a major part of his life, he did run a mauby shop, and in my opinion always had and still has a mauby shop mentality.

    Eustace is basically a decent honest man who has monitory fiscal skills that in my view far exceed those of Gonsalves.

    He is not a big head, and doesn’t have the bragging swank, false smiles and public acting abilities, that some like to mistakenly identify as charisma.

    Remember Gonsalves has had the advantage of legal training that included public speaking. That does not make him a superior or better person to Eustace, it just gives him a quality that Eustace lacks, and will never have.

    I agree Eustace initially appears to be a boring man, but is a man whom I am sure will do a good job, a sterling job as Prime Minister with honesty and propriety, and save the country a shit load of money. You don’t have to like him, you don’t have to love him, you don’t have to worship him, just give him the due respect for what he is capable of achieving.

    The country needs rescuing from the clutches of a regime that has dragged SVG into the garbage bin of the Caribbean, our name is beginning to stink World wide. There is no longer respect between people. There is no longer tolerance between political views. The middle class has all but been destroyed to further the political aims of a Scientific Socialist leader.

    You people in the Diaspora really don’t know the half of what has gone on in SVG.