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Prime Minister of Grenada, Dr. Keith Mitchell. (Internet photo)
Prime Minister of Grenada, Dr. Keith Mitchell. (Internet photo)

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent, March 18, IWN — When the then opposition in Grenada was making a case for the election of the New National Party (NNP), it pointed to the Vincentian economy as an example of diligent management.

“Over the last four years, while other countries have been diligently managing their economy, the NDC (National Democratic Congress — led by Tillman Thomas) government has been distracted by in-fighting, lack of consensus, the politics of spite, hate and division,” the NNP, led by Dr. Keith Mitchell said in it manifesto for the election last month.

“In St. Vincent, the economy has maintained jobs, attracted investment and they are pursuing the largest public sector investment project perhaps in the history of that country. The region is rich with other examples of success even in the midst of the global recession,” the party, which won all 15 seats in last month’s general election, said.

And Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves thanked Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell for the comments about what is taking place in SVG.

“So, Keith Mitchell has identified St. Vincent and the Grenadines under the ULP (Unity Labour) as one of the examples of success in the region and went to the polls and told them look at how De Comrade is doing up there; he is our closest neighbour and look at what is happening down here,” Gonsalves told Parliament last week.

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“It is here in black and white you know. I am not inventing it. It’s here. So, it’s very good when we do the comparisons and hear what people think of us — real dispassion people, not those who have a self-serving agenda,” he further said.

“And I want to thank Dr. Mitchell for recognising the truth that the management of the economy of St. Vincent and the Grenadines has been one of the region’s success in this difficult period. We are maintaining jobs, attracting investments and pursuing the largest public sector investment project,” he said in reference to the EC$652 international airport being built at Argyle.

Gonsalves said the example of SVG would nullify any argument that a particular government in the Caribbean can do no better.

He noted that it takes 10 minutes by speedboat from Carriacou, the northernmost dependency of Grenada, to and Union Island, in the Southern Grenadines.

“That’s all you require. But, the gulf between the success here and what is happening down there is very wide,” Gonsalves said.