Senator Julian Francis. (IWN file photo)
General Secretary of the Unity Labour Party, Sen. Julian Francis. (File photos)
General Secretary of the Unity Labour Party, Sen. Julian Francis. (File photos)

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent, March 21, IWN — The general secretary of the ruling Unity Labour Party (ULP) has apologised for a statement the Opposition made in New York and has challenged the nation’s calypsonians to sing about it.

Opposition Leader, Arnhim Eustace, gave a “follow-up” on a story of a female constituent, who, he said, had gone to a village shop to credit one small onion, 1 pound of rice, and 1/2 chicken back-and-neck.

The items were to be prepared for a family of 10, Eustace said, citing the shopkeeper.

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Callers to some radio talks shows — mainly those supportive of the ULP — doubted the story and said Eustace, who spoke at a town hall meeting organised by his New Democratic Party (NDP), was embarrassing the nation.

And, Sen. Julian Francis, ULP general-secretary, spoke on the issue on his weekly radio programme on Tuesday.

“I want to say to the people in New York who listened to Mr. Eustace — and, unfortunately, this thing is on the Internet, so people in Canada and all over the [world heard it] — I want to apologise to Vincentians that the Leader of the Opposition will take this sort of slant, not only by embarrassing the individuals of which he speaks — because these people know who he is talking about, let’s not get away from that,” Francis said.

Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace. (File photo).
Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace. (File photo).

“When he gives these examples, maybe he tries to copy Prime Minister [Dr. Ralph Gonsalves], and [U.S. President, Barack] Obama and the typical American politician who would pick up good examples from their constituencies and good examples of human behaviour and so on, but he on this bitter end of back and neck and every time he comes with this thing of back and neck. He has this fixation on back and neck. No question about it,” Francis said.

“And I am going to challenge the kaisomen of this country. … A Kaisoman has to do something like what professor did and change up some of them things here and give we something on this thing called back and neck,” Francis said.

He further said there are Vincentians in New York “who continuously do work for St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

“It so happens that some of them support the Unity Labour Party. There are some who support the NDP,” Francis said.

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  1. Instead of trying to make Eustace out a liar, you should look in the mirror at a real liar, even go and look at cousin ralph who is a bigger liar still, a self confessed liar.

    Instead of throwing up all the crap, explain the US$1million in cash notes that was taken to the bank, because that would feed our poor for 4 years.

    Riding around and pulling a great roll of cash at the gas sation and bar at Buccament.

  2. The problem is prior to 2001, the Francis boy was eating chicken back himself, and there were times when in the supermarket he had to put items aside because he was skint, broke, scratching in the dirt.

    To admit others do it now, would be an addmission that he did it for several year.

    No chicken back now, much better things from his friends.

  3. why do we try to stifle the truth , its a fact ,that the most meat that sell in svg is back and neck , i too buy it , at lease 10,00 per week at choice meats

  4. I look forward to the CALYPSO songs that will surely be made on Eustace, thanks to his DEBACLE of a presentation in New York.

    Hey Peter, do you have your own “BACK and NECK JUICE” recipe or are you going to use the one that Eustace announced in New York???

    That said; Eustace will NEVER EVER RECOVER from his COMEDY and INSENSITIVE PRESENTATION in New York, because he has shown Vincentians and the world that he is not FIT to MANAGE a MAUBY SHOP much less GOVERNING a country.

    It is amazing that someone could look at Arnhim Eustace and see in him a leader ready to become the PRIME MINISTER of SVG. I think those who want Eustace to become the PM are only out for their own self-interest, or lack political maturity, and not for the BETTERMENT of SVG. That is the only conclusion that makes sense as to why anyone would support Eustace to become PRIME MINISTER of SVG.

    I thought Mr. Eustace would have gone to New York to speak to Vincentians about his VISION and PLANS for SVG if given a chance to govern. Instead, his beating up on SVG, which led to another chicken back fiasco, has led to him becoming the BUTT of JOKES, RIDICULE and CONDEMNATION by Vincentians locally, regionally and abroad.
    Anyone who heard the clipping of Eustace stating that a woman put chicken neck and back in a Muslim cloth and squeeze it to get juice to put on rice are just beside themselves with laughter and outrage.

    This EMBARRASSMENT of a LEADER wants to LEAD a PEOPLE and a NATION, especially in these times. What a JOKE that is!

    How can you want to become the PRIME MIISTER when you CONTINUE to make DEGRADING statements about the very country you want to lead?

    First, it was Linton Lewis stating that St. Vincent and the Grenadines is an INSIGNIFICANT COUNTRY in the world, now it is Arhhim Eustace and his CHICKEN NECK JUICE fiasco in Brooklyn, New York.


    Like I said, I would not HIRE Eustace and the NDP to MANAGE a MAUBY SHOP much less GOVERN a COUNTRY.

  5. VINCYNEEDSASHOWERPOWA, today whilst standing outside a supermarket, I saw a man pull the bags out of a garbage bin, going through bags and fast food containers, looking for scraps to eat. I suppose this doesn’t happen in SVG either?

    You couldn’t hire anyone oh ka-ka bolsa man, you should put your current own private problems in order and stop coming here and telling your silly spiteful lies.