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Men’s Final Results:

Aycees Calliaqua United: 72

Bequia United: 71

Individual Awards:

Most Rebounds (Female): Avi-Ann Myers (Celebrity) 35 rebounds

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Most Rebounds (Male): Kendal Pinder (Hairoun Hardcore) 59 rebounds

Most Blocks (Female): Riloni Sam (Secondary School) 8 blocks

Most Blocks (Male): Steveon Taylor (Smoking Aces) 16 blocks

Most Steals (Female): Gailene Gordon (Bustas) 12 steals

Most Steals (Male): Bailey (Hairoun Hardcore) 18 steals

Most 3-pointers (Female): Avi-Ann Myers (Celebrity) 2 three-pointers

Most 3-pointer (Male): Ishama McCree (Calliaqua United)

Most Points (Female): Gailene Gordon (Bustas)

Most Points (Male): Steveon Taylor (Smoking Aces) 101 points

Ishama Mckree Of Calliaqua United Attempts A Basket Amidst Tough Defence From Bequia United In The Finals Of The Men’s Basketball Championship At The New Montrose Basketball Facility On Sunday, June 16, 2012. (Photo: Edward Newman)
Ishama mckree of calliaqua united attempts a basket amidst tough defence from bequia united in the finals of the men’s basketball championship at the new montrose basketball facility on sunday, june 16, 2012. (photo: edward newman)

Team’s MVPs


Kaylene Thompson (Calliaqua United) — 21 rebounds, 2 steals, 11 steals, 33 points

Gailene Gordon (Bustas) — 17 rebounds, 5 blocks, 12 steal, 101 points

Vasha Adams (Maples) — 27 rebounds, 10 steals, 97 points

Avi-Ann Myers (Celebrity) — 35 rebounds, 2 blocks, 11 steal, 2 three-pointers, 99 points

Shantol Rouse (Secondary School) – 6 rebounds, 7 steal, 1 three-pointer, 31 points,


Dale Shepherd (H&H Oral Care Advent Ballers) –38 rebound, 6 blocks, 7 steals, 5 three-pointers, 42 points

Kendal Pinder (Hairoun Hardcore) — 59 rebounds, 8 blocks, 10 steals, 53 points

Jonas King (Bequia United) – 43 rebounds, 9 blocks, 14 steals, 49 points

Ishama McCree (Calliaqua United) — 12 rebounds, 1 block, 8 steals, 12 three pointers, 83 points

Steveon Taylor (Smoking Aces) — 30 rebounds, 16 blocks, 15 steals, 3 three pointers, 101 points

MVP Overall (Female): Avi-Ann Myers (Celebrity)

MVP Overall (Male): Steveon Taylor (Smoking Aces)

MVP Finals (Female): Gailene Gordon (Bustas)

MVP Finals (Male): Lezlo McKenzie (Calliaqua United)

Action In The Finals Of The Female'S Championship.
Action in the finals of the female’s championship.

Team Awards:

Most Disciplined Team (Female): Celebrity

Most Disciplined Team (Male): H&H Oral Care Advent Ballerz

3rd Place Female Division: Secondary School

3rd Place Male Division: Smoking Ace

2nd Place Female Division: Celebrity

2nd Place Male Division: Bequia United

1st Place Female Division: Bustas

1st Place Male Division: Calliaqua United


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