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Retired educator, Ann Jones, explains the situation regarding Symphonix Steel Orchestra.
Retired educator, Ann Jones, explains the situation regarding Symphonix Steel Orchestra.
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Manager of telecommunications provider LIME, Leslie Jack, and other members of his staff discussed with residents of South Leeward last Saturday ways in which the company can assist in the various communities.

The discussion came at the final in a series of town hall meetings that the company has held across the country over the past few weeks.

Jack told the gathering at the Questelles Learning Resource Centre that the town hall meeting is to help the company understand the needs of the community and to see how LIME could assist, whether it relates to the youth, elderly, education, sports, culture, etc.

He said that if LIME is unable to assist directly, it could help by using existing relationships it has with other partners to see how another organisation or company might be able to help and to engage that company in that regard.

“But, at the end of the day, what we want to see is the various communities grow in various forms and we want to lend support hands-on, hence why we are here meeting with you,” said Jack, who is LIME’s first Vincentian country manager.

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The meeting discussed areas of possible assistance to the Symphonix Steel Orchestra, a Questelles-based group that began with 35 persons and has since expanded to 35, and needs a larger band room and more pans.

Jack told the group that LIME was committing to assist with their summer programme but would need more information on costing regarding assistance with expansion of the steel orchestra.

The meeting also heard that about 110 persons at the Questelles Government School couldn’t connect to the Internet service there because of where the router is located and that the school needs assistance to complete its computer room.

The company said that it would have one of its technicians examine the problem and requested further information on costing regarding the computer facility.

Jack, however, said LIME will donate some “paraphernalia” for the school’s fair this coming Saturday.

Among other things, the meeting also discussed ways in which LIME might be able to partner with community leaders to address the issue of the youths on the block.

Some persons at the meeting complained about the quality of service they experienced at their respective locations, even as other praised the company for consistent quality.

Jack said that LIME would endeavour to address the issues raised by customers.