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Ray Williams poses with the Grammy award. (IWN photo)
Ray Williams poses with the Grammy award. (IWN photo)

A Vincentian music technologist and software distributor is part of a group that has won the 2012 Technical Grammy award.

Toronto resident Ray Williams is a member of the German-based Celemony Software company that received the prestigious Special Merit Award.

Williams told I-Witness News on Tuesday that the award came the third time the programme was nominated.

He said that winning the award is a process.

He further told I-Witness News that the software changed how music is produced and as time went by, appreciation increased and this may have led to the award.

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In speaking about the software, Williams said that while Photoshop is used to enhance images, the software “is makeup for the vocal recordings”.

Meanwhile, Minister of Culture, Cecil McKie and Prime Minister, Dr. Ralph Gonsalves both commended Williams in parliament on Tuesday.

“I want the young people again to be hearing about this. This is a young man, not yet 50, from rural St. Vincent; got to Canada in 1980, became interested in music technology, of course, he has always been interested in the arts, and I want those who think that persons who are interested in the arts and music are a waste of time, he was involved in arts and music from the time he was a young boy,” Gonsalves said of Williams, who is originally from Chateaubelair.

“Also, it is interesting to note, he has parents who are interested in his development,” Gonsalves further said of Williams who was in the Strangers’ Gallery while the commendation was being made.

“His mother was a school principal and his father was an inspector of police. So, it is important for us to understand the family guidance in the bringing up of young people, and he is also a Grammar School boy,” Gonsalves said.

“I really want to congratulate Ray on this award, he and his company and the relationship with Celemony,” he said.