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Minister of Health Wellness and the Environment, Clayton Burgin has received a cheque in the amount of EC$20,000 from the SVG Returning Nationals.

President of SVG Returning Nationals, Nyoka Clouden handed over the cheque to the Minister last week at the Ministry of Health Conference Room. The donation is intended for the up-grade of the female ward at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH).

Clouden said she was pleased to make the donation and pointed out that they were looking at donating the money to the relief effort but after discussions the organization decided to donate the money to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital-MCMH in particular the female ward. She expressed gratitude to individuals and organizations that assisted in making the donation possible.

Meanwhile, Burgin expressed thanks to the SVG Returning Nationals for the donation. He noted that financing the health sector is of monumental proportions hence the ministry is continuing to construct lasting bridges with friendly governments, organizations and patriotic individuals to develop the health sector.

Burgin said that the MCMH received extensive damage during the Christmas Eve floods and the response from governments, civic organizations and individuals have been positive. He added that personnel in the Ministry of Health have been working assiduously to continue the plans to upgrade the facility.

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The Health Minister said that his Ministry is currently implementing the 10th European Union Fund — a project to design and modernize the health sector and professionals in the ministry are already working towards achieving this goal. He pointed out that as Minister of Health, the health and well being of all citizens is his prime concern and this translates the need for personnel in the health sector to take their roles and responsibilities seriously in order to achieve the Ministry’s objectives

(A. Sam/API)