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A man boards in Kingstown a taxi that features an element of Vincentian tourism. (IWN photo)
A man boards in Kingstown a taxi that features an element of Vincentian tourism. (IWN photo)

Ten local taxis are now featuring places of interest, emblems and symbols of national pride and various cultural aspects of St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG).

This as the Ministry of Tourism partners with the SVG Taxi Association and Multigraphics to launch its pilot project, Taxi Ad Campaign in Kingstown on Friday.

Head of the SVG Taxi Association, Winston Morgan commended the Ministry of Tourism for embarking on this project. He said that it is very good for the travelling public because a lot of Vincentians are not aware of all that the country has to offer. He added that this ad campaign will be used to sensitize Vincentians and visitors of tourism in SVG.

Morgan said the campaign is also good advertising for the country and the taxi operators as it will assist them in carrying out their tours. He said the taxi campaign will bring financial benefits to the country in these harsh economic times.

Minister of Tourism Cecil Mckie commended Multigraphics, the Taxi Association and the Ministry of Tourism for collaborating on the project.

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He said it will give the ministry an excellent opportunity to market various tourism sites in SVG and to market the beauty and culture of the country.

Mckie said his ministry will continue to have discussions with other taxi drivers to have them displaying these images on their taxis as well.

“The more such images we can have out throughout our taxi operators here, I think the greater our marketing opportunities will be,” the Tourism Minister said.

He said they will also discuss other types of products that can be used to enhance these images of SVG through the various displays and they will continue to work with the Taxi Association to develop SVG’s tourism product.

The Tourism Minister said when the Argyle International Airport is opened, it will increase visitor arrivals to the country and the taxi operators will have an even greater role to play in going forward. He said they have engaged a taxi operator in London to have displays on their taxis as well and from all indication that project was a success.

Mckie said they are also looking to expand this project in the diaspora to promote SVG overseas.

(A. Sam/API)