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Aljay Douglas Body 1

Homicide investigators process the scene in Campden Park where Aljay Douglas was shot dead. (IWN photo)


The Deceased, Aljay Douglas. (Photo: Facebook)
The deceased, aljay douglas. (photo: facebook)

Aljay “Chris Brown” Douglas of Campden Park, said to be in his early 20s, became St. Vincent’s latest homicide victim when he was gunned down in his home community sometime before 3 a.m. Friday.


Reports are that Douglas was collecting money at the entrance of the Campden Park Playing Field, where a wet fete was taking place, when he was approached by an unknown assailant and shot in the head and abdomen, Assistant Superintendent of Police Sydney James told I-Witness News at the scene.

Douglas died on the spot.

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James, who heads the Criminal Investigations Department, did not disclose what theories, if any, police are working on, but told I-Witness News that police have also heard the reports that Douglas was killed during a robbery.

Residents of the South Leeward community say that Douglas was killed by a man dressed in a hoodie who had been sitting near some bushes at the side of the road across from the entrance shortly before the crime.

Douglas' Body At The Entrance To The Playing Field, Where He Was Shot In The Head And Abdomen. (Photo: Zavique Morris/Iwn)
Douglas’ body at the entrance to the playing field, where he was shot in the head and abdomen. (photo: zavique morris/iwn)

They say that in addition to the gunshots that are believed to have claimed Douglas’ life, they heard other gunshots shortly after and near to the area where Douglas was killed.

The death brought an unceremonious end to the wet fete event that was taking place inside the sporting venue.

Persons who know the deceased spoke of his talent as a singer, which, they say, earned him the alias “Chris Brown”, the name of a popular American pop artiste.

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