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A Rillan Hill man was on Sunday in hospital after being shot multiple times in Kingstown on Christmas Eve.

The injured man, 29-year-old Orande Dunbar, also known as “Bells”, told I-Witness News he was hanging out at the popular joint known as Plant Shop on Lower Bay Street, Kingstown when the shooting occurred.

He said the assailant used what looked like a handkerchief to obscure his face.

Dunbar said that he had noticed that someone was looking at him while he was at the Plant Shop but did not pay the person any mind.

He said someone entered the venue sometime later and shot him in the hand, leg and abdomen before fleeing the scene.

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He told I-Witness News that he had received threats in the past but did not report them to police.

Dunbar is the older brother of Iran Dunbar, who was last May charged with the murder of Aljay Douglas.

Douglas died on the spot after an armed assailant shot him in the stomach and head while he working at a gateman at a fete at the Campden Park Playing field on May 1.

The case against Dunbar fell through at the preliminary inquiry stage.

I-Witness News does not know of any connection between the two incidents.

The Christmas Eve shooting is the second at the venue in Kingstown in recent months.

On Oct. 10,an unknown assailant shot and injured Rockies resident Dexter Rodney several times at the venue, shooting him in his chest and abdomen.