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St. Vincent Brewery Ltd. has unveiled “Hairoun Traveller”, the first of which it says will be many campaigns in 2016.

Hairoun Traveller is a consumer-driven programme that will reward drinkers of Hairoun Beer as they enjoy their favourite beer and also at the same time encourage them to travel around St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

“The dynamics is simple but captivating. Persons within the legal drinking age could collect a unique ‘Hairoun Passport’ from our ‘immigration office’ in Kingstown, sales truck drivers, participating outlets and employees of the sales and marketing units in the commercial department,” the company said.

The unique Hairoun Passport has numbers ranging from one to 65 with prizes to be won after every five stamps are received.

When a consumer purchase a Hairoun beer ( $3 for $10) at any of the 7) participating outlets throughout St. Vincent and Bequia, a distinctive numbered stamp will be placed in the consumer’s “passport” by the outlet operator.

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The consumer will have to visit a minimum of five outlets before they could collect from the list of attractive prizes.

The prizes are as follows as per stamps:

  1. 6 pack Hairoun beer
  2. Hairoun Glass
  3. 1 case Hairoun beer
  4. Hairoun Polo
  5. Hairoun charger
  6. Hairoun Speaker
  7. $100.00 cash
  8. Jackets
  9. $150.00 gas voucher
  10. 5 cases Hairoun beer
  11. Jumper kit
  12. Hairoun cooler
  13. $1000.00 cash

The consumer who opts to cash in on any of the prizes before reaching 65 stamps will have to surrender their “passport” to the “immigration officer” before receiving the appropriate prize.

A new passport could only be issued while stocks last.

“The prizes are redeemable from our ‘immigration office’ located in Kingstown opposite the General Post Office and from any of our sales truck in the various routes,” the company said.

“This campaign will create an opportunity for our consumers to explore and enjoy the varied community life in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and also encourage persons to travel around the Country and capture those great moments while they enjoy St. Vincent and the Grenadines very own Hairoun Beer.

“I am very excited and confident to release this promotion which encourages consumers to get to know St. Vincent and the Grenadines better and the opportunity it affords to travel across the Country and be rewarded for it,” said commented CND Operations Sales & Marketing Manager, Shafia London-Williams.