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act of kindness

St. Vincent and the Grenadines will observe its first-ever Small Acts of Kindness (SAK) Day on
Friday, April 15.

This is the first of what is hoped will be an annual event.

The SAK project is a Toronto-based community organisation and SAK day has been envisioned as a day to celebrate kindness. Founder and creator of the project, Vincentian-born Kwesi Bibby, said SAK day “is an opportunity to do something kind for someone else, to appreciate fellow citizens and for community building. It’s about paying it forward”.

The hope is that Small Acts of Kindness Day can become an amazing event embraced by schools and business places to encourage and promote empathy through kindness amongst students and staff.

Other local NGOs will be joining to support the day’s events including the 2016 Queen’s Young leader, Dillon Ollivierre and the team from Rise up Bequia, Janelle Cox-Douglas, local philanthropist and co-founder of the Taraji Foundation. A team of volunteers from the Taraji foundation will also be a part of the day’s events.

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What do we hope to achieve on this day?

The SAK Project has planned a number of activities for the day including:

  • A visit to the children’s ward at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital. During their visit volunteers will deliver sandwiches, juice, cookies and fruits to children and their parents.
  • A visit to the Liberty Lodge Boys Training Centre
  • Preparing and delivering food baskets to at least 25 families who are less fortunate
  • Volunteering at the Special Olympics sporting activities which will be taking place at Victoria Park
  • Giveaways on local call-in programmes

How to get involved?

Schools, businesses and the general public are being asked to support SAK Day by performing their own small acts of kindness on that day or joining the SAK Project to support one of the planned activities. Supporters are also being asked to upload pictures of their activities to the various social media platforms with the hashtag #SAKDay


The Small Acts of Kindness (SAK) Project is a programme started by Toronto-based Vincentian Kwesi Bibby. Bibby launched his event planning company in August 2014 and since its inception the company has sought ways to support community-based activities. This support is based in the philosophy of giving back to the community and assist with community-building initiatives.

To that end, the SAK Project has expanded its efforts to support organizations in a number of Caribbean islands including Jamaica, St. Lucia and St. Vincent. The Project brings together a core of volunteers from the diaspora living in Canada, collecting donations either in cash or in-kind which are then made available to the Caribbean groups. The SAK project hopes to continue to support charitable organizations that share its goal of making a difference in local communities.