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Roland Peters Foundation
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The Roland Peters Scholarship Foundation continues to provide much-needed support to the children of Coulls Hill and surrounding areas.

Over the past four years, the foundation carried out a number of programmes to assist students across the country.

On Friday, the foundation launched its “Giving Every Child A Start” programme at the Westwood Methodist School. The main focus of this programme is to provide every student at the school with school supplies to begin the new school year.

Before presenting the school supplies to the students, resource manager, Noland Allen, reminded students of the importance of attaining an education and encouraged the students to make the best of the opportunity given to them.

Founder of the foundation, Roland Peters, said his drive to offer students assistance is rooted in the realisation that education is a very important factor as it relates to improving one’s standard of living.

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Peters said that taking on the challenge of providing school supplies to every student in the school was a dream come true.

Peters said: “I felt kind of bad that I could not afford to help a lot of students from the community that applied for assistance at the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year”.

As a result, Peters began preparations for the launch of the “Giving Every Child A Start Program” for the 2016-2017 school year. Providing school supplies to every student at the Westwood Methodist School is the biggest project the foundation has carried out since it official launch in 2013.

The Roland Peters Scholarship Foundation thanked everyone for their support and wished the students of SVG a successful school year.