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Police believe that 18-year-old Jurani Baptiste, of Old Sandy Bay killed four persons Sunday night.

Police Saturday night described as false, reports that Jurani Baptiste, the 18-year-old resident of Old Sandy Bay who is suspected of having murdered four persons last week, had escaped police custody.

“It has been brought to the attention of the police that rumours are being spread that Jorani Baptiste has escaped. These reports are false,” the police said in a statement.

Police said that Baptiste is a patient at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital nursing injuries, which include broken legs.

“He is presently under police guard,” police said.

“The police understand the public’s concern, but we are appealing to desist from spreading inaccurate information that can cause alarm,” the statement added.

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Jurani Baptiste: How drug abuse may have turned star teen cricketer into suspected killer 

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