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Teacher Morgan with 401 VCP
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Vincentian educator, Nigel A. Morgan has launched his book, “401 Vincy Caribbean Proverbs”.

“401 Vincy Caribbean Proverbs: Amazing Expressions to Guide You”, captures the unique way of communication inherited from past Vincentian generations for future generations, uncovering the precious legacy to guide people in maximising their current lives and their future destiny, a press release said.

“The book’s insightfulness gives us a deeper sense of who we are as humans. It highlights and challenges global ignorance, injustice, oppression, corruption, immorality and hate. It offers hope again for people to love, care, serve and help each other to fulfil our destiny,” the author was quoted as saying.

Speaking at the launch on Nov. 30, Morgan took the audience on the journey he had writing the book.

He said he undertook the task of writing the book as a labour of love for his country.

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It was during the long days interviewing Vincentians that he realised the great need and cultural and historical void the book was filling, Morgan said.

“Throughout my years as an educator, I have often searched for written systematic documentation of our Vincentian Caribbean proverbs, unfortunately, such documentation is severely limited. Moreover, in their quest for knowledge and understanding of our culture, visitors to our country have often requested written information on this unique language, only to be disappointed. Hence, I arose to the occasion of filling this need,” he said.

He further stated: “The purpose of this project is to share my findings about this cultural feature with the world, to help shape the way people think about their survival. Likewise, I aim to make the book accessible to those in pursuit of higher learning. The arrangement of subtopics or themes, will allow teachers to easily find material to incorporate and organize into their own teaching systems. A glossary, an index and various levels of discussion questions /activities are also included. Among objectives of the book are: to preserve Vincy proverbs; to provide a tool to access, learn and teach these proverbs; to build and strengthen national pride for our cultural heritage; to assist in the rebuilding of 2017 hurricane ravaged Caribbean countries.

“I have gained greater insight into the life of my fore parents and have become more appreciative of my Vincentian Caribbean legacy. During the eighteen months it took to complete the manuscript, I have spent long days and sleepless nights researching, rewriting the book outline and editing manuscripts. I am positive that those who need it most will be able to use and profit from it the most. The book is dedicated to the past generations who created this language, and to all who have used it, who continue to use it and will use it in the future,” he said.

“401 Vincy Caribbean Proverbs” is a product of Morgans’ Institute For Learning And Development (MILAD), which is now celebrating 25 years in existence.

MILAD is the Vincentian based company responsible for the series of books called “Vincy Caribbean Proverbs and Idioms” and “401 Vincy Caribbean Proverb being the first.

“Teacher Morgan” grew up in windward St. Vincent. He has taught children and adults to translate the spoken language and written expressions to standard English. His immense experiences and relations have guided ‘him in writing the book. To obtain data for his work, Morgan conducted research that required visiting different communities in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

The book is published by West Bow Press, a branch of Thomas Nelson and Zondervan.