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Marks said that his company is interested in using marijuana to cure illnesses. (Internet photo)
Marks said that his company is interested in using marijuana to cure illnesses. (Internet photo)

Last Saturday, close to 40 traditional growers and their representatives, the majority from North Leeward, met with a group of foreign investors interested in investing in medical cannabis in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

The meeting, which took place at Mount Wynne beach, was very informal, and was organised by the SVG Cannabis Revival Committee (SVGCRC), chair of the committee, Junior “Spirit” Cottle said in a statement.

Cottle and representatives of the investors addressed the meeting.

This was followed by questions from the growers relative to their role in the process and what benefits they could expect.

The investors told the growers that they cannot see the process unfolding without their participation, and while they, as investors, are doing so with the expectation that they will profit from such a venture, they are mindful that that it will not be a profitable business without the full participation of growers and without them getting a just reward.

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Among the potential benefits pointed out to growers were: improved livelihood, no longer having to sell their produce through a middle man, and the benefits to be had from National Insurance Services contribution, particularly after age 60.

The investors further said that they would like to see the industry, after an agreed number of years, being owned by Vincentians, managed by Vincentians, for the benefit of Vincentians.

“There was an overwhelming excitement amongst the participants on the prospects ahead as the meeting came to a close,” Cottle said.