Former Supervisor of Election, Sylvia Findlay-Scrubb. (iWN photo)

The official who oversaw the 2015 general election has confirmed that there were ballot papers in that poll that had the official mark printed on the counterfoil, rather than the actual ballot.

, who was supervisor of the election at the time of the contested vote made the admission under cross examination on Friday, as trial in the election petitions continued.

Queen’s Counsel Stanley “Stalky” John, lead lawyer for the opposition in the petition challenging the outcome of the vote in Central Leeward was, at the time, conducting the cross examination, which was into its second day.

John referred Findlay-Scrubb to her witness statement, where she said it is not true, as Exeter claimed, that the ballots in Central Leeward were pre-stamped.

She said that she was aware that there were ballots with the official mark printed on the counterfoil, but these were from .

“A few came out of a ballot box like that,” Findlay said.

Exeter who was the ’s candidate in Central Leeward is challenging the announced victory of Sir of the Unity Labour Party in that constituency.

Lauron “Sharer” Baptiste, who represented the in North Windward, is also challenging the result in that constituency, which was declared won by the ULP’s .

On Monday, as the trial moves into its second week, , Baptiste’s lead counsel will cross examine Findlay-Scrubb.