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Minibus accident
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A 1-month-old baby and the driver of a minivan that went over an embankment on Friday are in hospital being treated for their injuries.

Police say they are are investigating the circumstances surrounding the accident, involving motor vehicle HQ 851, a green Toyota omnibus owned by Jefferson Richards, of Calder, and driven by Shadique Ollivierre, of Mt. Grenan, which occurred on at Overland.

According to investigations, the vehicle ran off the Touroma public road upon approaching a corner and went over an embankment.

Several persons on board the omnibus sustained injuries and were taken to the Georgetown Modern Medical Complex, where they were treated and discharged.

However, the driver, who sustained a broken right foot, and a 1-month-old infant, who received injuries to her face and hands, are patients at the Milton Cato memorial Hospital.

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The vehicle was extensively damaged.