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Traffic advisory
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The Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force Traffic Department is advising motorists and pedestrians that due to the commencement of works to construct the Kingstown Modern Port, traffic flows into and out of the Leeward and Windward Bus Terminals would be altered as follows:

  1. As of Saturday, July 16, from 4 p.m., all traffic traveling along Melville Street towards Coreas Lumber Yard and from the direction of the Kingstown Fish Market will turn left and right respectively in the area of the Public Bathroom (in Little Tokyo) then exit on  Bay Street. In addition, commuters are asked to use the Bay Street route to enter the Bus Terminal at the entrance on Higginson Street (in the vicinity of Gibson’s Building Supplies).
  2. As of Monday, July 18 from 6 p.m., omnibuses will enter the Leeward Bus Terminal using the main entrance on Higginson Street, exit the terminal in the area of Cash Money Auto Supplies, make a right turn along Higginson Street, and exit on Bay Street.

Road Closures

Motorists and pedestrians are also advised that as of Monday, July 18, the following portions of roads will be closed to vehicular and pedestrian traffic:

  • The Reclamation Site Road along Coreas Lumber Yard
  • Leeward Terminal Exit
  • Junction at Quality Paints
  • Junction at Junior “Spirit” Cottle’s Plant Shop

Please note that traffic officers will be posted in the area of the Bus Terminal and Coreas Lumber Yard to assist motorists and pedestrians. “The general public are kindly asked to comply with the new traffic arrangements until further notice. Any inconvenience caused is deeply regretted,” police state.  

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