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Breast cancer

From left: Jeff Mager, Nicole Mager, OTAK GROUP representatives, Karan Rana- LAVUE’s general manager, Stan DeFreitas, Health Solutions Inc. representative, Kristin Deane, sales and marketing manager, LAVUE.

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Over 100 women will benefit from breast cancer screening, courtesy La Vue Boutique Hotel & Beach club in association with OTAK Group Inc.

La Vue Hotel concluded its month-long activities to raise funds for the breast cancer community, with a handing over ceremony held on Monday.

General Manager of La Vue Hotel, Karan Rana Highlighted the activities throughout the month of October which included two hope walks, a pink soiree and pink brunch from which all profits will be donated to breast cancer screening at Health Solutions Inc.

OTAK Group Inc. donated EC$10,000, which was then matched by the directors of La Vue Hotel.

“A lot of time, screening for breast cancer is put off or over looked by patients due to financial circumstances some may face. To combat that, our team was able to raise a sum of $20, 000,” Rana said.

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Nicole Mager of OTAK Group Inc. said:

“Before we arrived in July of 2022, our company, which is a Florida-based company owned by Mr. Aaron & Donna Cato, one of our pre-arrival meetings with them, they really wanted us to look for an opportunity to give back to the island. When we noticed La Vue’s campaign for the breast cancer awareness, we knew that we wanted to jump on board with them.”

Mager highlighted that the contribution is part of the company’s humanitarian project funded by the U.S. Government.

Stan DeFreitas of Health Solutions Inc, while thanking La Vue Hotel and OTAK group for their generous donation, stated how proud the company is to be associated with the initiative.

“It is initiatives like this which will keep breast health in our consciousness.”

Following the donation of EC$20,000 by La Vue Boutique Hotel and Beach Club in collaboration with OTAK Group Inc. DeFreitas noted that persons can access the free breast cancer screening after being referred to by a public heath practitioner.