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Awesome Family Circus
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A world-renowned circus entertainment group, Prince Arts will visit St. Vincent and Grenadines for the Awesome Family Circus, on Easter weekend, April 8-10.

Organisers are promising that this year’s Easter “will be like no other” with a special entertainment experience at Victoria Park.

The troupe consists of over 25 artistes traveling from across the world including Spain, Cuba, Mexico and Portugal.

“This remarkable show, repeated over the course of three nights, will illustrate the creativity, diversity and power of the human body and mind,” said Caricia Taylor, spokesperson for the local organising group. “The production will be vibrant, inspiring and a true testament of the talent of the creators, and the cast and crew who intend to dazzle audiences each night”

Organisers say the “must-see production pushes the boundaries of dreams and artistry fused together with high energy acrobatics and evocative choreography”.

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There will be no animals involved as there is a worldwide movement to end the use of animals in circuses as circus animals often endure repeated and prolonged suffering.

“The Awesome Family circus will be like Cirque du Soleil, which has defined how the world views circuses by connecting audiences through creativity and arts,” a press release said.

“It will be an unparalleled experience that will engage the audience’s imagination and sense of wonder.”

“The show will feature extraordinary talented performers celebrating the enduring human spirit within each of us such as acrobats, illusionists, contortionists, extreme riders, magicians and much more.”

Organisers said that the unique production has been seen in many parts of the Latin community and delivers an innovative display of spectacular and dynamic acrobatics, dance, mesmerising visuals and an immersive experience to audiences.

“In addition to the two-hour shows, families can enjoy a host of rides and games at the playpark. Entrance to the playpark is free but pay per ride.”

Creative Director, Sandor Garcia Gomez said:

“What really excites me about this project is being able to push the boundaries of what can be achieved by us as humans. This project is fuelled by the power of invention, the hope of the youth and is a universe of colour, wonder and infinite possibility”.

The Awesome family circus is presented by Passion entertainment and events production team with support from a number of local companies.