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“Miller Squad” won the inaugural Paget Farm Police Youth Club Spelling Bee Competition after edging out “James Squad” and “Mc Master Squad” into second and third place, respectively on Saturday at the Paget Farm Community Centre.

Marrianna Grant and Shamia Ollivierre represented Miller Squad and scored 41 points. James’ Squad’s Nathalia Stowe and Kenniah Hazell earned 27 points, while McMaster’ Squad’s Odelia Compton and Miesha Ollivierre scored 20 points.

The participants were drawn from Grades 5 and 6 of the Paget Farm Government School.

“The competition is all about youth empowerment. It is just one way of helping to build the confidence of young people as they transition into adulthood. We are seeking to create a platform to build their self-esteem,” said Sunior Ollivierre, the district coordinator of the Paget Farm PYC.

Ollivierre said the “squads” were named in honour of retired police officers who played a significant role in the life of the club.

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James Squad honoured retired Station Sergeant of Police, Meldon James who was the founder of the Paget Farm PYC. Mc Master Squad honoured retired Sergeant of Police, Cecile Mc Master who was the first national coordinator to meet with the Paget Farm PYC and Miller Squad honoured retired Commissioner of Police, Keith Miller, under whose tenure the club was officially inducted.

National Coordinator of Police Youth Clubs, Sergeant of Police, Stephen Billy was on hand to witness and lend support to the event.

He congratulated Ollivierre, the participants, and the members of Paget Farm PYC for hosting the event.

Billy noted that the participants were all females and said he would love to see some male participants at the next competition.

The participants received school supplies as prizes.