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Shania Williams Oshanna Providence

Shania Williams, left, 1st place in debating competition and O’shanna Providence 1st place in the reading competition.

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Shania Akeyli Williams and O’Shanna Providence won the No. 27 Girl Guides Reading and Debate Competitions, respectively, on Feb. 22, as part of World Thinking Day celebration.

The competition was held at the St. Vincent Girls’ High School under the theme “Our World, Our Peaceful Future: The Environment, Peace and Security”.

Girl Guides from the No. 24 JPESS Girl Guides and The No. 16 TSSS also participated in the competition.

The topic for the competition was “Climate Change is a myth and Girl Guides all over the world should focus less on climate change advocacy and campaigns for climate resilience”.

The competition was judged by representatives from Rotary Club of St. Vincent, Mikasha Ramsuran and Chickeira Cumberbatch, counsellor at the Stoney Ground Government School.

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Williams, the winner of the debating competition, argued against the topic and said she was very ecstatic and proud of her achievement. 

Providence said she felt delighted and proud that she won the reading competition.

Michelle Jackson, guider of the No. 27 Kingstown Girl Guide Company, said both the reading and debating competitions will help to develop the girls in building their self–confidence, self-esteem, initiative skill and also help them to explore and learn how they can work with nature to create a more peaceful and secure future for girls everywhere and how the role of the environment plays in  peace and security.