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Educational toys and books were recently donated to various local early childhood schools to strengthen early literacy in pre-K students aged 3-5.

The Kappa Delta Pi International Honour Society in Education (Omega Theta Chapter), from Nova South University, Florida, donated the items on recently during Literacy Week.

Representative for the group, Vincentian Sandra Trotman explained that she came to her homeland to donate to three early childhood centres initially but was able to extend to other schools.

These schools were VINSAVE, Elisabeth Browne Early Childhood Centre and Michelle Early Childhood Centre.

“Because we had so many different books and at so many different levels, we were able to donate 40 additional books to the Richland Park Seventh Day Adventist Primary School,” Trotman said.

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Additionally, she had the opportunity to visit the Methodist Daycare and Pre-School in Mesopotamia, in order to provide future assistance. 

During the school visits, the teachers were asked to read to the children and the children’s interactions were observed.

“Our follow up would be that they continue to read to the children and that they would send us the children’s feedback, whether it’s a picture, a drawing or being interviewed- they would let us know how they are progressing.” Trotman said.

 Many items were donated from the group, including plush toys, colouring and colouring books, blankets and educational books.

The Honours Society member and professor graced the Early Childhood Leaders Forum on Feb. 28and March 1, where she met the heads of local pre-schools.

“The thing is, it was coincidental. I had no idea that coming here at that time was Literacy week … Looking back I can say the week was very fast pace but very productive. There are things that I have seen at each school, which the university can assist these schools with, through the club. We would see how best we can help to build literacy in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, one book at a time.” 

Omega Theta Chapter of NSU, is a gold award winning chapter in the areas of literacy, community collaboration and online membership. The chapter is currently conducting several literacy projects within the Caribbean. 

Their 2023 motto is, “Shape a Life, Donate a Book!”