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Sergey Lavrov
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Sergey Lavrov’s key point remarks at the UN Security Council’s open debates
Effective multilateralism through the Defence of the Principles of the UN Charter

New York, April 24, 2023

Today, our UN-centric system is going through a deep crisis. The main reason is a striving by some UN members to replace international law and the UN Charter with a certain “rules-based” order.

The collective West has set out to reshape the processes of multilateralism at the regional level to suit its needs.

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The United States and its allies have deployed significant forces to undermine multilateralism in the Asia-Pacific region where an ASEAN-centred successful and open economic and security cooperation system has been taking shape for decades.

Since World War II, Washington has pulled off dozens of reckless criminal military operations without even trying to secure multilateral legitimacy.

Multilateral efforts were made to stop the war unleashed in the east of Ukraine as a result of a government coup. These efforts towards peaceful settlement were embodied in a UN Security Council resolution that unanimously approved the Minsk agreements. Kiev and its Western bosses trampled these agreements underfoot.

There should be no such thing as double standards. Both multilateralism and democracy should be respected within the member countries and in their relations with one another.

It is imperative to expedite Security Council reform by expanding the representation of countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

It is our common duty to preserve the United Nations as the hard-won epitome of multilateralism and coordination of international politics. The key to success lies in working together and showing respect for the sovereign equality of states.

The Russian media were not allowed to come [to the US]. [Addressing to non-Russian media persons:] Please watch at it that worldwide audiences can use your reports to glean every angle of the comments and assessments.