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The defendant, Deno Walker in an Oct. 24, 2022 photo.
The defendant, Deno Walker in an Oct. 24, 2022 photo.
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Magistrate Bertie Pompey says that the 29 adjournments in a matter before his court might qualify it for a place in the Guinness World Records.

Pompey, presiding at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court, asked defendant Deno Walker about the whereabouts of his lawyer.

“Sir, me nah see him come as yet and me try to call him but me nah get through,” said Walker, who was represented by Counsel Grant Connell.

“Watch the amount of adjournments. This might go in the Guinness book ah records,” the magistrate said as he counted, out loud, the 29 adjournments.

“And prosecution closed its case since March of last year,” the prosecutor, Corporal Delando Charles, said, emphasising the last two words. “It’s already a year!”

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Walker appeared before the court on charges of assault occasioning bodily harm, assaulting a police officer and making use of abusive language.

“I am going to give you one last adjournment … or I will throw the matter out,” the magistrate told Walker.

Pompey adjourned the trial to May 8 and told the defendant to inform his lawyer of the new hearing date.

He further told Walker, “Bring your witness eh. Bring the witness that you say you have.”

As he was walking out of the courtroom, Walker said, “Too long, too long!”.

He was apparently referring to the length of time that the matter has been before the court.