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The Ministry of Education says it is yet to release a public report on Vincentian students’ performance in the 2023 CXC examination because of “a number of issues with the results yet to be resolved by CXC”.

In a statement on Tuesday, the ministry said students and their schools have already gained access to the preliminary results of the 2023 CXC examinations.

“Officials from the Ministry of Education are in contact with the relevant personnel at CXC and are awaiting a response to the several queries which were lodged with the examination body following the official release of results on Friday 25th August in St. Kitts and Nevis,” the statement said.

“While the Ministry acknowledges and accepts the public’s interest in these high-stake examinations, we are also cognisant of the need to share reliable and accurate information, hence the reason for the delay in making a public report of the results of the 2023 examinations at this time.”

The ministry congratulated Vincentian students on their personal and collective performances based on the preliminary results for the CAPE, CSEC, and CCSLC exams.

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