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Villages in south western St. Vincent.
Villages in south western St. Vincent.
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The Best Village competition returns to Independence celebration this year, after an absence of more than two decades.

Minister of Tourism and Culture Carlos said the competition will be among activities during Independence Month — October.

Judging will be done on Oct. 25, two days before the nation’s 44th anniversary of independence.    

“I want to see the re-emergence of the Best Village Competition. I know some of the Miss SVG contestants … as part of their community service project, they were engaged in their communities doing work,” James said.

“But all of us, we have to be engaged in our communities collectively. And I want us to see in Fancy, in Sandy Bay, in Fitz Hughes, in Chateaubelair, in Union Island, in Marriaqua, in Richland Park, I want to see all of us coming out, putting our best foot forward to ensure that we have the best village, the best community, the best constituency in everything we do,” the minister further stated.

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“And, of course, we will start this year but I am hoping by next year we will have a bigger launch of that activity. But we will focus on building out the community groups to ensure that we go back to the community and we go back to the drawing board. And we announce that this year we will resume and reintroduce our Best Village Competition as part of our independence activities.”

The competition returns at a time when many of the community groups that existed two decades ago have gone dormant.

Speaking at the same press briefing, Rodney Small, a member of the National Independence Committee, said:

“We all can agree that we have lost a lot of our community values and spirit and this year, the National Independence Committee would be hosting one of the most anticipated best village competitions. Communication has started with some community groups and organisations. The criteria will include beautification, community spirit, proper signage, among other things.”

Small said more information will be given with the roll out of social and traditional media campaigns this week.

“Let’s make our communities great again,” Small said.