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Rodney Small. (Photo: Facebook)
Rodney Small. (Photo: Facebook)

Rodney Small has been appointed deputy chair of the Prime Ministerial Advisory Council on Youth, in addition to being director of the National Commission on Crime Prevention (NCCP).

iWitness News was reliably informed that Small’s appointment, as well as that of the other members of the council, was approved by Cabinet on Sept. 13.

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves announced the establishment of the commission in July, when he also announced that it would be chaired by 27-year-old budget analyst Anson Latchman.

The committee has been appointed for an initial two-year period, commencing on Sept. 13.

Ruthann Williams is secretary of the council and the other members include Augustine Ferdinand – who is also director of the ruling Unity Labour Party’s Institute of Governance and Politics of Latin America and the Caribbean, which was launched on Aug. 17.

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Another councillor is Senator Shackell Bobb, a parliamentary secretary, who Gonsalves said in July will have oversight of the committee.

The other members are Shaquille Simmonds, Amber Glasgow, Rodan John, Christine Mofford, Derona Burke, Kwesi Allen, and Oreika Mc Kenzie.

Meanwhile, the council also includes chairperson of sectoral groups, as follows:  

Dr. Sherena Slater — The Professions

Makeeda Greene — Agriculture

Zenna Lewis –Sports

Javid Rouse- Culture

John Keil- Health

Cenus Hinds — Information technology

Zuleika Lewis- Tourism and hospitality

Nafessa Richardson — Climate change

John Campbell — Housing

Dillon Ollivierre — Grenadines

Ms. Crystal Olliver — Creative industries

Storm Gonsalves — Business and entrepreneurship

Sophia Jackson — Labour

Chanolde Munroe — Media

Kaywama Edwards — Church

Tamira Browne — Regional integration and foreign policy

Nyala De Freitas — Diaspora

Kaville Hazelwood — Education

Correction: Rodney Small is the “Director” and not “Chairman” of the National Commission on Crime Prevention.