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Marine scientist, Tremaine Bowman.
Marine scientist, Tremaine Bowman.
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Seafields, a pioneering blue carbon business dedicated to combatting climate change, has announced the appointment of Tremaine Bowman as programme support officer in St. Vincent.

Tremaine Bowman, a 27-year-old marine scientist, joins the Seafields team at a pivotal moment, as the company scales operations in the Caribbean region.

Recent scientific breakthroughs have enabled Seafields to address the pressing issue of beached seaweed, with successful growth trials conducted in St. Vincent.

These trials have confirmed the feasibility of cultivating, controlling, and domesticating Sargassum seaweed, a key element of Seafields’ strategy to combat climate change.

Seafields says it is commitment to removing one gigatonne of carbon annually and is at the forefront of innovative solutions and harnesses the power of Sargassum, to achieve its ambitious climate goals.

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Seafields is also known best for introducing cutting-edge technologies designed to track, harvest, bail, and store Sargassum. Through this innovative approach, the company aims to remove over one billion metric tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere annually by 2032.

Tremaine Bowman expressed her enthusiasm for joining Seafields.

“I’ve always been passionate about marine biology and sustainable development. Seafields presents a unique opportunity to make a positive impact on climate change in the Caribbean region,” Bowman said.

“We are already feeling the effects of climate change, including rising sea levels and more frequent and intense hurricanes. Seafields’ work not only addresses these challenges but also provides local employment opportunities.”

Bowman, a marine biologist with a background in organising logistics and emergency management, sees her role as a valuable addition to Seafields’ multifaceted team.

Her responsibilities encompass various aspects, including scientific research, logistics, and risk management.

Bowman’s story is an inspiring one. From pursuing her bachelor’s and master’s degrees to upgrading to a Ph.D. during the pandemic, she has exhibited unwavering dedication to marine science. Her research focuses on resource partitioning in the fish assemblage of a brackish water stream, which plays a critical role in supporting the region’s marine life.

Bowman’s journey in marine science has been marked by a strong sense of community and inclusivity. She has actively participated in organizations like Black Women in Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Science, and Minorities in Shark Science, advocating for diversity and representation in the field.

“As Tremaine takes on her role at Seafields, she brings not only her expertise but also a vision of a sustainable and resilient future for the Caribbean region. Her dedication to academia and mentorship will undoubtedly inspire the next generation of marine scientists,” a press release said.

“Seafields engages with local talent and institutions, contributing to the region’s economic and ecological well-being. Tremaine Bowman’s appointment emphasises Seafields’ commitment to supporting local communities and addressing pressing environmental challenges.”