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Prosecutor, acting Corporal of Police Delando Charles in a Dec. 29, 2022 photo.
Prosecutor, acting Corporal of Police Delando Charles in a Dec. 29, 2022 photo.
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A produce thief who told the court just before his sentencing that he has money to pay was told that money cannot right all wrongs.

The accused, Landie Baptiste, of Sandy Bay, had initially pleaded not guilty at his arraignment.

However, when the matter came up at Georgetown Magistrate’s Court on Nov. 13, the prosecutor, acting Corporal of Police Delando Charles, asked that the charge be put to the defendant again.

Baptiste then pleaded guilty to the charge that between Sep. 22 and 25, at Sandy Bay, he stole 90 holes of potatoes, valued at EC$220, the property of Alfantina Browne, of Sandy Bay.

Charles told the court that Browne owns lands at Cuba Mountain in Sandy Bay. 

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On Sept. 23, around noon, Browne left her farm and went home. When she returned to the farm three days later about 8 a.m., she realized that 90 holes of her potatoes were missing.

“You have anything to say?” Magistrate Bertie Pompey asked the defendant

“I get the money,” Baptiste replied.

“Who tell you about money? You can’t go jail too? You see arrogance here,” Pompey said.

The prosecutor told the defendant, “Money can’t cure everything, my friend.”

“Who tell you, you can pay money and not go to prison?” the magistrate asked the defendant.

“Sorry about that. Sorry about that,” Baptiste responded.

The magistrate fined the defendant EC$500, ordering him to pay EC$250 forthwith or three months in prison.

The balance is to be paid in one month or three months in prison.

Pompey also ordered the defendant to pay compensation of EC$220 in one month or serve three months in prison.