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By Observer

Once again, the highly charged emotions of the Vincentian people went on full display, after the story broke about the Samoa Agreement and its possible impact on the acceptance of people who live an alternative lifestyle; referring specifically to those who might be gay or transsexual.

Then because of the political implications, we saw where PM Gonsalves and several supporters of the government came out swiftly to defend and explain away the implications of the Samoa Agreement in that regard, in a way that sort to distance the government from any such idea.

While the outrage is flaring — judging from the comments on the issue — SVG is reported to have a thriving gay community that is seemingly embraced, or at least not frowned upon by the government. Some say it’s a farce to suggest that the government is against it because it is spending a lot of to defend against the buggery case that is currently before the court. That, some say, is a farce; and that the current government truly does not have an issue with embracing an alternative lifestyle in SVG. What they are defending instead is the law, and not the idea of an alternative lifestyle.

As we know it, the chief political strategist for the ULP — Peter Wickham — is known to be married to his now husband. He is a professional and he does great work throughout the Caribbean for different political parties, including the ULP, and he has done so for many years. In fact, he is reported to have been in SVG very recently conducting a poll for the ULP, and one might assume that when he comes to SVG that he rubs shoulders with the best of them.

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On the night of last election, he was on the panel among several Vincentian elites, providing commentary on the election and the results; something that he has been doing for years. More than likely, we will see him again come next election, so why is there a selective outrage on this matter?

Many seem quite stern and stiff against the slightest idea of embracing such persons in the Vincentian society, but it’s obvious that Vincentians on a whole do not truly have an issue with this; at least not to the extent that is being portrayed, or maybe it’s when it comes to their politics there is a difference. A gay person has been instrumental in keeping the ULP government in office, and many Vincentians are in support of the work that he has been doing, which is why they continue to support the government.

Maybe it’s time we stop fooling ourselves and fully and openly embrace it. Clearly, we do so now, though selectively.

Why the selective outrage?

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