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By Anthony G. Stewart, PhD

If it is true, the news that a young enterprising builder was sent to prison for three years is disheartening. 

Apparently, another tradesman borrowed some tools and refused to return them. The matter was apparently reported to the police, and it appears that nothing was done. Consequently, the dispute escalated resulting in him being imprisoned.

Tools are very important for tradesmen to get their work done. They can be very expensive. A hammer costs EC$80 and a cordless drill costs EC$900. It is said that workmen should not lend their tools because they need them to make a living. Rather, they can donate to the potential borrower to enable him to get his own tools.

Simple matters should be settled before they escalate. The work of the police should be peace-making. One aggrieved party going to jail does not necessarily settle the matter. In this case the workman still needs to retrieve his tools and every effort should be made to get that done. Where possible, restitution should take place to ensure that disputes are better settled.

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